Healthy Living and Nutrition

Healthy Living and Nutrition

We fully understand the importance of promoting healthy living, we offer a healthy and nutritious two week rolling snack menu which adds variety along with ensuring your child is offered the recommended quantities of all the food groups on a daily basis. 

Any special dietary needs are catered for with each meal.

All children have access to drinking water at all times throughout each day, at Snack times the children are able to have the choice of milk or water. 

We teach the children about the importance of healthy eating and living through projects and activities.  The children have access to the outdoor environment every day during all seasons.  We operate a free flow system, so that the garden is accessible through children’s choice at times throughout each day.

As part of promoting a healthy lifestyle, we encourage all children to adopt healthy habits, these include washing hands before and after meal-times, after they have been to the toilet or had a nappy change and after all creative activities. Our nursery children gain a growing understanding of the importance and benefits of fresh air and physical activities.

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