Transition from home to Nursery…

Here at St Catherine’s Independent Nursery we have a settling in session process, which includes pre-visits and a home visit. However, as every child and family are unique we fully understand that one settling in approach may work for one child and not for another.

We endeavour to work together with each and every family as individuals in order to show full support through this settling in and separation period.

We have the following resources to reinforce this support…

  • Initial full tour of the Nursery, during this time any questions you may have can be answered.
  • Access to our Parent app, which provides lots of information regarding nursery
  • “All About Me” forms
  • “What to Expect When” document which is completed by parents
  • Learning Journeys.
  • If there are any additional needs such as SEND, strategies are put in place and links with other professionals involved with your child are established immediately.

Transition to School…

Starting school is an important transition and some children may feel anxious or distressed. We will do all we can to facilitate a smooth move and minimise any potential stresses.

  • We provide a variety of resources that relate to the school, e.g. uniform to dress up in, a role play area set up as a school classroom, photographs of all the schools the children may attend. This will help the children to become familiar with this new concept and will aid the transition
  • We invite school representatives into the nursery to introduce them to the children
  • Where possible we use other ways to support the transition to school, e.g. inviting previous children from the nursery who have moved on to school to come back and talk to the children about their school experiences
  • Where possible we plan visits to the school with the key person. Each key person will talk about the school with their key children who are due to move to school and discuss what they think may be different and what may be the same. They will talk through any concerns the child may have and initiate activities or group discussions relating to any issues to help children overcome these

We produce a comprehensive report on every child starting school to enable teachers to have a good understanding of every child received. This will include their interests, strengths and level of understanding and development in key areas. This will support continuity of care and early learning.

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